Medical Expert Weighs in on Diabetes Awareness Month Tips



Dr. Keri Peterson and Sweet'N Low® Team Up to Raise Public Awareness

New York, NY (November 11, 2014) - There are 29 million U.S. adults diagnosed with diabetes and an additional 1 in 3 diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Diabetes is a serious disease which can result in serious health complications including nerve damage, vision loss, heart disease, and kidney failure, to name a few. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), diabetes is also the seventh leading cause of death for Americans. Therefore, November, being Diabetes Awareness Month, is an especially important time to encourage people to make simple changes in their diets and lifestyles which will go a long way in preventing this rapidly rising disease.

For Diabetes Awareness Month, Sweet'N Low® - America’s iconic zero calorie 'pink' sweetener - has joined forces with Dr. Keri Peterson, a New York City-based practicing physician and medical expert, to help Americans make changes to their lifestyles which may help lower their risk of diabetes. Although genetics does play a significant role in this disease, Dr. Peterson advises that one can make simple changes in their diet and exercise routine which will aid in diabetes prevention and management.

"Swapping out sugar in your diet and introducing exercise into your daily regimen can cut your daily caloric intake in half and help you stay ahead of this rising epidemic", said Dr. Keri Peterson who is regularly seen on The Today Show, CNN, and Good Morning America. "For close to 60 years, Sweet'N Low has been helping millions of people worldwide manage their sugar and carbohydrate intake while still allowing them to enjoy their favorite sweet foods and beverages. That is why I heartily recommend Sweet'N Low, a trusted brand, to my patients as an alternative to sugar."

Replacing sugar with a zero calorie sweetener in your favorite recipes has proven to help with significant calorie savings and is a great added-sugar reduction tool. For example, sweet potato pie, a fall favorite, can be upwards of 400 calories per serving. However, by sweetening it with Sweet'N Low instead of sugar, the calories drop to less than half and carbohydrates are cut by more than 30 percent. =

“One little pink packet is as sweet as about 2 teaspoons of sugar so very little is needed to deliver the sweetness you love in all your favorite foods and beverages”, says Dr. Peterson. “Don’t wait until you are diagnosed with diabetes! Start making positive changes in your lifestyle now with five simple steps”.

  1. Eat more fiber - Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help improve blood sugar levels and may also reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. In addition, high-fiber foods are generally filling and can assist in not overeating.
  2. Portion control – Serving amounts should be halved and a healthy plate should include a lean protein, vegetables and whole grains.
  3. Walking - Next time you go to the grocery store or shopping center, look for a space further away from the entrance instead of staking out a spot close to the door. Those extra steps will help with your metabolism and you can slowly build yourself up to greater distances.
  4. Food Journal - Try keeping a diary of all the foods you eat. It is amazing how much mindless nibbling can add up to and you will be able to better identify your "go to" danger foods or snacks so that you can make a plan to replace them with healthier choices.
  5. Water -Try drinking a glass of water before each meal. Not only will the water help fill your stomach but it also helps with digestion.

For additional information, please visit Also, be sure to check out the 'recipes' section of the site for lower-calorie versions of all of your favorites treats and beverages, as well as a collection of ‘diabetic friendly’ and ‘100 calories or less’ recipe options.